Overview of W.H. Myers Construction Co.

 The philosophy  of W.H. Myers Construction Co.  is that people are the essential factor in any successful building project.   They make important decisions and carry out the plans, which bring each phase of construction to satisfactory completion. The people at W.H. Myers Construction Co. are dedicated professionals who have built an estimable reputation for exact work and precise budgeting. Over the years, the firm has completed projects for hospital, institutional, commercial, religious, and industrial clients. The Myers team has been regularly asked to do repeat projects for most of their clients.

The team of W.H. Myers Construction Co. are experienced staff members who estimate, manage costs, and supervise construction. Each of these staff members has a responsibility that is key to the successful outcome of a project. Every member of the Myers team is trained to perform a specific role while the whole staff is regularly involved in learning new procedures and in acquainting themselves with the overall process of construction projects. This integrated approach is essential to the successful Myers' construction process.

Whether it is fulfilling the demands of building advanced space for scientific equipment in hospital procedure rooms, or the construction of new buildings, office suites, laboratories, or elaborate lobby and reception areas, W.H. Myers Construction Co. has expertly accomplished this work for a variety of clients in the Delaware Valley.