Services Provided by W.H. Myers Construction Co.

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The W.H. Myers Construction Co. provides a wide variety of services for Owners and Architects throughout the Delaware Valley. The three main services that are provided by the W.H. Myers Construction Co. are Pre-Construction Consultation and Budgeting, General Contracting, and Construction Management.

  1. Pre-Construction Services
  2. The W.H. Myers Construction Co. is often called upon by both Owners and Architects to provide pre-construction consultation and budgeting for projects in the conceptual phases. This includes conceptual estimating, construction feasibility analysis, value engineering and innovative redesign. These essential components of the design development process provide the principal players of the project with a projection of what the potential cost and time implications are for completing such a project.

  3. General Contracting
  4. Traditional General Contracting involves the preparation of bid documents by the Architect, the competitive estimating of the project, the awarding of subcontracts, and the construction process itself. This service allows competitive pricing and a single source of contact for cost control, safety, scheduling, and quality.

  5. Construction Management Services
  6. This process allows for fast-track completion as the Construction Manager works with the project from inception to completion. With this type of service, the Construction Manager oversees every aspect of the project, allowing for single source accountability, and encourages the Owner to become more involved in the overall construction process.

    With these three facets, the W.H. Myers Construction Co. provides exceptional overall construction services to a variety of Architects and Owners throughout the region.